Silhouetted against a sunlit desert face, a climber suspended midair in a bosun's chair ascends a cliff.
A cyclist with a Denver Broncos prosthetic gives their ride a thumbs up.
Roped up and reaching toward cloud dappled blue skies, a climber approaches the final grab.

Adaptive Adventures

Adaptive Adventures’ vision is to ensure that all individuals with physical disabilities have access to participation in outdoor sports regardless of their location, equipment needs or economic status. Our unique organization travels the country and establishes direct program services, training, equipment, resources, funding, administrative support, and sustainable programs in unserved and underserved communities. Our programs provide individuals with progressive skills that lead to greater independence in outdoor sports, camaraderie, improved health, among other benefits of recreation in the outdoors.

We believe that outdoor recreation offers valuable physical, mental, emotional and social benefits, which help individuals improve their quality of life and overall health and wellness. Outdoor recreation provides unparalleled camaraderie and cultivates inclusive communities where individuals can thrive. For individuals with physical disabilities, participating in outdoor sports provides an opportunity to have fun with family, to lessen negative coping behaviors, to increase overall wellness, to interact with others in similar life circumstances, and to experience an aspect of freedom through mobility.

Adaptive Adventures contributes to equitable change by bridging relationships in the community, identifying and training mentors, and providing spark events to propel new initiatives forward. We partner with and provide training to rehab hospitals, park and rec districts, VA Medical Centers, outfitters, gyms, bike shops, veteran service organizations and other adaptive sports agencies, and leave a wake of knowledge and tangible support to ensure a more inclusive and accessible community for differently abled people. We work with mainstream equipment manufacturers, outdoor retailers, adaptive sport equipment leaders and collegiate engineering programs, to ensure equipment modifications, marketing, and design provide greater access for all.

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