Collage of cyclists on a ride in the city and two friends kicking back in a fall meadow.
Time outside is a human right.

Now is the time to deliver on that right. For everyone.


Time outside and our connection to nature is fundamental to the social, cultural and physical health and well-being of all people.

But millions of Americans lack access to nature and thriving outdoor spaces. Scores of others do not feel safe or a sense of belonging outdoors–stemming from ongoing systems of inequity, injustice and racism.

That’s why REI Co-op founded the REI Cooperative Action Fund, a community-supported nonprofit that partners with and provides financial support for organizations building a new outdoor culture and improving the health and well-being for all people.

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Join us in supporting organizations in these three categories:

One hand grasps another's against the richly textured bark of a pine tree.
Connecting People Outside
The treetop view of early autumn yellow and green leaves.
Creating Space Outside
A youngster practices their handstand in a city park.
Centering Health Outside

Explore some of the organizations we support:

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