Sharing a hug and the view, two hikers pause to take in the expanse of autumn tinged hills fading into the distance.

About the Fund

We Believe

Time outside is a human right.

Our Mission

The REI Cooperative Action Fund directly supports organizations promoting justice, equity and belonging in the outdoors to strengthen the health and well-being of people and communities.

The REI Cooperative Action Fund Story

We believe that time outside and our connection to nature is fundamental for the social, cultural, economic and individual health and well-being of all people. But today, millions of Americans lack access to nature and thriving outdoor spaces. In addition to this, many people do not feel a sense of safety or belonging in the outdoors. These issues stem from legacies and systems of inequity, injustice, and racism.

That’s why REI Co-op created the REI Cooperative Action Fund, a community-supported public charity directly supporting the organizations and initiatives making change in the nation’s outdoor culture. We are inviting the broader REI Co-op community to join us in accelerating this important work.

There is no simple or singular solution to these challenges. It takes community-wide action to ensure all people have their right to the outdoors honored and protected. To catalyze this work, the REI Cooperative Action Fund will intentionally focus on marginalized groups. It is these very groups who are leading the way in addressing barriers and creating newfound opportunities to evoke joy, well-being and belonging outside, resulting in improved health and well-being for people, communities, and our planet.

Recognizing REI Co-op’s deep-rooted partnerships in communities across the country, and decades of philanthropic experience, we launched the Fund so that everyone can contribute to the organizations, local leaders, movement makers and initiatives paving the way in building more just, accessible, and inclusive outdoor spaces and places for all.

We are all on Native land.

The REI Cooperative Action Fund recognizes Indigenous people on whose ancestral lands we occupy. We honor Traditional Ecological Knowledge, resistance, and resiliency of these Indigenous communities. The Fund's offices are on the traditional homelands of the Coast Salish peoples, including the DuwamishTribe the and Puyallup Tribe. We encourage you to uncover truths about Indigenous lands where you live and spend time outside; learn of settler colonialism, displacement, most importantly, remember Indigenous resilience.

We create change through three grantmaking initiatives

One hand grasps another's against the richly textured bark of a pine tree.
Connecting People Outside
The treetop view of early autumn yellow and green leaves.
Creating Space Outside
A youngster practices their handstand in a city park.
Centering Health Outside