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Our approach to grantmaking is cooperative, which includes partnering with compensated leaders in the outdoor equity space to recommend organizations for funding. This approach prioritizes power-sharing and equity in decision-making by honoring the wisdom of community advisors rooted in the communities we seek to serve. From nonprofit leaders to world-renowned researchers, our advisors’ collective wisdom enhances our ability to make impactful grants aligned with our mission and initiatives.

We are proud to have partnered with the following community leaders:

2022-2023 Connecting People Outside Advisors

2023-2024 Connecting People Outside and Creating Space Outside Advisors

2023-2024 Centering Health Outside Advisors



Vasu Sojitra

“I love the collective sharing and moving away from traditional grant processes and making it more based on relationships and community care.”

Vasu Sojitra

Advocate for the Disability Community

Charles Thomas

“Participatory grantmaking is vital for the philanthropic field. It promotes a more just, responsive, and effective approach to addressing social and environmental issues, empowering communities, and creating lasting positive change. As philanthropy continues to evolve, embracing participatory practices can lead to a more impactful and transformative sector.”

Charles Thomas

Executive Director, Outward Bound Adventures

Nalini Nadkarni

“This innovative review process was shaped with care and thought to include the input of experts on human and planetary health — the very stakeholders who will most benefit from the projects that receive funding.”

Nalini Nadkarni

Professor Emeritus, University of Utah & National Geographic Explorer at Large