Two cyclists smile at the camera after finishing a Black Girls Do Bike ride.
On a bright spring morning, cyclists pass under the arch at the start of an event.
Decked out in sharp black gear, a cyclist smiles for the camera.
Ready for a ride, a group of cyclists cheer each other on at the start of a city event.

Black Girls Do Bike

Black Girls Do Bike introduces the joy of cycling to all women, especially women and girls of color. We have created a comfortable place where lady cyclists can offer support, organize rides, and promote skill-sharing in a network of 100+ riding groups around the world from Anchorage, Alaska, to Birmingham, Alabama, to Cleveland, Ohio. We rejoice when women choose cycling as a tool for alternative transportation, self-care, and empowerment. We look to share positive images of ladies and their bikes to affirm the truth that Black girls do indeed bike! We encourage bike advocacy, education, volunteerism, and safety in all communities and corners of the world.

We know that communities of color in the U.S. are statistically much less likely to be physically active than their White counterparts, are less likely to feel welcome in the outdoors, and that there are also disproportionate numbers of the Black U.S. population that fall below the poverty line. This is often amplified by poor bike infrastructure in underserved communities. These truths translate into a population that is less likely to choose to thrive in the outdoors.

At the heart of BGDB are our Sheroes. With more than 170 volunteer lady leaders across the country, we have become an army of women dedicated to effecting change in the systems that perpetuate inequities. Our Sheroes are passionate about improving their families, their health, their communities, and the outdoors. These leaders serve on boards, publicly advocate, foster community, build local partnerships, lead rides, and more. Women all over the world are taking on leadership roles with us and creating change.

The mission of BGDB is now more important than ever. We help to break down the barriers to entry that are unique to women of color and create the future for the outdoors that we want to see.

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