A youngster practices their handstand in a city park.

Centering health outside

Investing, strengthening, and amplifying scientific research and supporting Traditional Ecological Knowledge that demonstrates time spent outside improves mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as resilience for people and communities.

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New grantee partners are announced each spring and fall.

All grants shown below are a minimum of $50,000.

Kids and adults enjoy a sunny outdoor presentation under the trees.
Center for Nature and Health at University of California, San Francisco
Six indigenous-identifying people stand smiling, shoulder-to-shoulder, under the wing of a small plane.
Indigenous Wellness Research Institute at the University of Washington
A person wearing a lightweight hoodie under a flannel shirt stands smiling with outstretched arms in front of a cluster of large ferns.
Nature and Human Health Alliance
A group of four people carrying multi-day backpacking gear look out over a mountain range through a stand of bright red blooms.
Nature and Health at the University of Utah
Four dayhikers stand above a seaside cliff, greeting the limitless expanse of the Pacific Ocean.
Nature and Health at the University of Washington
Three people of diverse ages and backgrounds enjoy time outside together in a tree-lined city park.
Wekesa Earth Center at the University of Maryland

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One hand grasps another's against the richly textured bark of a pine tree.
Connecting People Outside
The treetop view of early autumn yellow and green leaves.
Creating Space Outside

Time outside is a human right

Now is the time to deliver on that right. For everyone.

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