Wearing masks, a group of trail hikers holding a banner that reads Latino Outdoors pause for a afternoon photo op on a wooden bridge.
Peering through binocular, a group of trail hikers look for treetop wildlife.
Using binoculars, three young hikers search for wildlife across a grassy lake.
A parent and child enjoy an afternoon ride along a dedicated bike path under sunny California skies.
Wearing warm gloves and a jacket, a young explore pauses on a woodland bridge to look for birds through binoculars.

Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors envisions a world where all Latino communities enjoy nature as a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place—a world where the outdoors is a place to share and celebrate stories, knowledge, and culture, while growing leadership and an active community of Latino outdoor users, mentors, and stewards. We inspire, connect, and engage Latino communities in the outdoors and embrace cultura y familia as part of the outdoor narrative, ensuring Latino history, heritage, and leadership are valued and represented.

Since 2014, LO has been providing outdoor experiences, along with the accompanying health and wellness benefits, to families and individuals of all ages and identities, growing from a California-based organization to a national movement powered by volunteer leaders. Although Latino Outdoors provides for a focused conversation on the Latinx experience, we are not limited to it. We create a space for intra-community affirmation of Latinx outdoor leadership and connection, while also serving as a platform “for the intercommunity relationship building that is vital to the growth and development of present and future constituencies that experience and protect our public lands.”

We offer free outdoor activities in chapters across the country from Hartford, Connecticut, to Tucson, Arizona. We support people in developing and reclaiming their connection to nature, creating a welcoming and family-friendly environment with outings that weave together aspects of culture, community, wellness, and connection. Our volunteer leaders craft outdoor experiences that emphasize connections between people, place, process, and policy. Our goal is to inspire the environmental ethic of our community while encouraging their evolving engagement in outdoor recreation.

Latino Outdoors approaches outdoor equity from the ground up and focuses on fostering a sense of place, removing barriers to access, cultivating a love of nature and building a movement by inspiring a desire to give back to the outdoor community.

To learn more, visit https://latinooutdoors.org